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Montelone & Mcrory, LLP

Corporate & Tax Law

Monteleone & McCrory also practices in the general area of corporate transactional law. Its work includes all aspects of the organization, reorganization and acquisition of businesses ranging in size from small proprietorships to publicly-traded corporations.

Since almost every business transaction has tax implications, the firm’s tax practice is considered an important part of its business law activities. Monteleone & McCrory has been counsel in some very significant tax cases for its clients.

In the field of taxation, Monteleone & McCrory does both business and personal tax planning, with experience in the entire province of personal estate planning, wills, trusts, conservatorships, probate, and trust administration. In the area of business tax, it handles revenue ruling requests, administrative tax hearings and tax litigation.

As with its civil litigation practice, it is a long-standing conviction at Monteleone & McCrory that the real value of a business law firm lies in providing the client with a comprehensive and varied source of counsel and planning. Instead of esoteric specialties, the firm believes that businesses need immediate access to guidance on a variety of legal questions. Direction must be available from the first planning stage of each transaction, and should continue until the transaction is completed. This guidance should not only be imaginative and scholarly, but intelligible and useful. Finally, it must be available on an ongoing basis by an attorney who becomes intimately acquainted with the client’s history, needs, and goals. For this reason the firm attempts to develop permanent relationships with its clients based on mutual confidence and responsibility.