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Montelone & Mcrory, LLP

Estate Planning

Monteleone & McCrory, LLP work with many family-based business owners as they engage in business succession planning to ensure an orderly transfer of ownership of a business and comprehensive asset protection. We also assist individuals with their estate planning needs.

Estate planning clients have a variety of goals that they seek to achieve with the assistance of an estate planning attorney. They hope to:

  • Provide for the ongoing care and support of children or elders
  • Distribute an estate to heirs with minimal loss to estate taxes or appraisal
  • Retain control over assets or access to asserts that are being set aside for future generations
  • Ensure that preferences are followed regarding medical treatment should he or she become incapacitated
  • Plan for orderly succession of leadership in a family-owned business
  • Bestow assets to a favorite charity
  • Establish a family foundation to continue a tradition of charitable giving


Our experienced estate planning lawyers’ present clients with information about a full range of tools available to meet their goals and provide accurate and thorough document preparation to ensure that the intentions are followed and will contests avoided. To that end, our attorneys assist with wills and living wills, trusts, revocable trusts and living trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, family limited partnerships, charitable remainder trusts, family foundations, reorganization of a business, and probate and estate administration, among other things.