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Shaping The Legal Landscape


Monteleone & McCrory is a full-service law firm that handles commercial and business litigation, with a national reputation in the construction industry. Founded in 1958 under the partnership of Los Angeles legal pioneer Steven Monteleone, and construction law expert Darrell McCrory, the firm continues the tradition of its founders with highly skilled attorneys dedicated to providing quality legal services to a diverse and growing list of clients — some of whom have been with Monteleone & McCrory for over three generations. The firm has earned an AV rating from the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory.

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Aggressive & Zealous Attorneys


Monteleone & McCrory currently numbers 10 attorneys with varying degrees of experience of more than 40 years. Our closeknit environment utilizes that experience through routine contact among members and associates. Communication with clients is also of utmost importance to maximize the effective use of all resources — major decisions affecting tactics or economics of each case, including the scope of discovery efforts and assignment of tasks to lawyers, are routinely shared with the client.

Los Angeles

Monteleone & McCrory is headquartered in downtown Los Angeles, California. Its legal staff offers a full range of legal experience in its fields of practice with an emphasis on quick, effective response to the needs of its clients.

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Relationships Built with Trust


Many of Monteleone & McCrory’s clients establish long-term relationships with one or more of the firm’s partners and rely on them for expertise concerning that client’s activities. Because our size and style of business permits it, we encourage clients to become acquainted with all our lawyers and to deal directly with anyone with whom they are comfortable. We also encourage all our lawyers to become familiar with each client to the fullest extent possible to offer assistance whenever a client feels it is urgent. Thus, we endorse clients’ interest in the security of ongoing and readily accessible legal counsel, no matter what the size or complexity of their affairs may be.

Our Dream Team


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Shaping The Legal Landscape

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